How to IMPORT a Dashboard

Dashboards Import in 4 Easy Steps To Import a dashboard, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Menu More > Admin > Dashboards & Project templates import (see picture 1)

2. Choose a file to import > Save and Preview (see picture 2)

3. See imported file info and confirm import by clicking on Import button (see picture 3)

4. In the Easy page template mapping you can edit the name and the description, then click on Continue button (see picture 4)

Remark: Please note these steps apply for users who are Admins.


I have imported a few dashboards, now how can i see all the imported dashboards and how can I make use of them, please guide. 

Thank you in advance.



Hello Sandip,

your imported dashboards you can find in More>Administration>Page customization. Move your cursor to My page and click on green button templates overview. There you can find list of dashboards.