Add comment without editing task

This modification would implement "Add comment" button under all comments. Such a feature would allow adding a comment without task editing.

Dobrý den, pane Šrámku, pro hodnocení prosím použijte hlavně hvězdičky, podle kterých se pak bude celkové hlasování vyhodnocovat. Děkuji! / Please us the stars for voting as they will be the main indicator while evaluating the voting. Thank you!

I am in for this. However, I would add it to the right side menu so I wouldn't have to scroll all the way down to add the comment.

If it is meant to hover over the content and ignore scrolling, disregard my comment...

I like the current way, because everyone understands to upate the task instead of leaving a huge mess of unreadable comments ("requirements archaology"). I used to work with JIRA the past two years, this was a constant pain in the ass (because there it works as requested here). Looks like a solution but brings problems afterwards.