Barcode generation



Companies working in cargo transportation industry often use the barcode readers during the loading and unloading of shipment. It allows to quickly recognise what is inside of a package and where it belongs to.

Managers, who organise the transportation, should be able to track all such a deliveries in a system and generate the barcodes to particular shipments. In Easy products we did not have such an option.


Provide the option to generate barcodes for users. Since shipments could be represented by different entities (tasks, projects), this feature should be avaliable for all basic entities.


In "More > administration > Custom fileds" there is a new type of Custom Filed called "Barcode".Custom-field-barcode

When the barcode field is generated, you can enter the particular code, to be converted to Barcode.


Later it can be displayed in the system, when you click to Barcode field it will be displayed in popup window.




And of course it can be exported to PDF and printed. Using printable teplates you can add the barcode to a table, handover document template, etc.


Minimal required version: