Bulk modules activation in project administration

Purpose: Make project modules administration quick and easy Use Case: If i have existing project tree - i can't activate o delete modules on several project at once, i need to open project by project, and turn on / off modules for each project separately. Feature: Bulk module management is available for Administrators only in More > Administration > Projects Now you can use basic project's filters and settings, to be able to filter required project's for module activation: example: You need to activate Quick project planner to all your projects at once, or you need to activate the Repository for only development projects After you filter required projects, open the context menu and choose the "Manage modules" option In new pop-up window you can you can select: Action: Add modules - selected modules will be activated on chosen projects Overwrite modules - all your current project modules will be deactivated and replaces by modules selected below Deactivate modules - selected modules will be deactivated form chosen project Modules: Here you choose modules, which you would like to activate, rewrite or deactivate It's a more easy way how set up project modules for existing project tree

such a matrix is a bad idea, try to imagine 1000 of projects and 30 avaliable modules, you cant use the easy query or "infinity scroll", so such a big table must be loaded at once, and not only table with simple data, but with "Check boxes"

Filtrering and search are impossible (CtrF only)