Contextual menu for Activities

The menu for activites would be available both on Contacts and CRM cases and would allow you to select select/multi-select contacts or CRM cases from the list, open context menu and choose "New Sales Activity form" directly from there.

In the form, which looks like EDIT option, you can fill in attributes of new activitity (time, date, type of activity, note). Activities with same attributes would be created and paired with particular Contact/CRM Case.

● Date and time - now + hour
● Category - Default
● Comment - input for long text
● Attendees - Select box:
○○ Asignee (Assignee of Contact or CRM case) - Default option
○○ Me
○○ Users (Project members for CRM case, All internal Users - for Contacts)

When you click on Save button, 1 or more sales activities will be generated. All that activities will also have the Related Contact taken from Contact or from CRM case contacts, depending on entity. If you create Sales Activity for 2 and more objects at once, it displays all affected Contacts / CRM cases on the top of the form (same as on tasks bulk edit).

Activites planning allows:

A) Plan an activity for Assignee
B) Plan an activity for particular user