Due date calculation by task duration



In Easy Products, when we plan tasks, we need to set up Start and Due dates, to inform users, when we expect tasks to be done. But managers, who worked with Microsoft Project (MSP) before, don't want to add the "Due Date" manually, they expect that they can set up Start date and task duration, and Due date will be calculated automatically.


Allow users plan tasks on base of Start Date and Task Duration


In More > Administration > Plugins > Rys plugins appears new plugin "Issue duration". Here we can turn this feature ON or OFF.



When this plugins is ON, in "Edit form" appears a new option "Duration". It means, that when we create a new task or edit existing tasks, we don't need to set up Due date manually, but we can set up Start date and Duration, and Due Date will be calculated automatically.  


In this case, it will calculate Due Date by working days only (without weekends and holidays). Weekends and Holidays are taken from default working calendar (More > Administration > Working time templates > Edit)

We can set up duration in days, weeks and months as well.



Same time, if we plan task, and set up Start and Due date manually, Duration will be calculated automatically as well. But with only difference, that if you set up the Sart or Due date to non working days (weekend or holiday), that non working days will calculated to Duration as well. It expect that if user decide to work weekend we need to respect it.

Field Duration is avaliable on Task deatil view and in Task list in filers and options as well






Minimal required version: