Estimated time calculated on base of Start & Due date of task



In easy products when we plan tasks we set up Assignee, Start date, Due date and Estimated time. This way we let users know, what do we expect from them, in which terms and how many hours do tehy have for it.

Example: I want my subordinate to complete small task. He can decide when will he work on it, but till the end of the month it should be done.

Task: Prepare documentation for a new feature X.

Assignee: Worker X

Start date: 1.9.2019

Due date: 30.9.2019

Estimated time: 4 hours


But some companies don't plan tasks in such details, they need estimated time to be calculated from start and due date, because it provide manager the expected salary costs for particular issues.

Example: I am manager in development company, and i want assign worker to constuction site for all september.

Task: Walls painting on object X

Assignee: Worker X

Start date: 1.9.2019

Due date: 30.9.2019

Estimated time: is to be calculated from working days only.

In theory, manager can calculate it manually, but to do it, he need check calendar and calculate number of working hours in this month, check if current user has planned some absences, and then calculate the estimated time manually. It is possible, but not user friendly.



Allow managers plan tasks with Assignee, Start and Due date only, and if required, managers can calculate the estiamted time automatically


On task detail view appear new button "Calculate estimated time". To make a calculation, we need to fill 3 fields:

1 - Assignee (User or Group od users)

2 - Start date

3 - Due date

4 - Click to button "Calculate esimateed time"


After you click to this button, estimated time will calculated.





Minimal required version: