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One of our customer's use the DMSF plugin for work with documents. To set up different visibility levels, they use folders, where they can select, who can display files from particular standard folders and task attachments folders.

To track documents, customer required to display all documents, from all projects in 1 place, including different documents versions. They want to be able quickly find documents / different documents versions by author or uploading date, project or project folder.

Current DMSF solution works on project level only, it means that there is no global documents overview, and to find some document, you need to open project > dms module > particular forlder. It is not really user friendly when you have a lot of documents and big team. For example in half year people just cant remember and keep in mind, what they uploaded, to which project, to which folder.


Development of such a feature could take months for small programmers team. Our goal was: provide to customer minimal value product of DMS documetns global overview with minimal efforts (for minimal price)


In More > Administration > Plugins > Rys plugins appears new plugin "DMSF easy query" - here you can turn this feature ON or OFF


To keep it simple we added DMSF files and revisions to standard "Easy Query" (basic list output - same as when we open the project list or task list, we can use filters on it, add columns, group by some parametrs, etc. ...)


This query is avaliable for Customisable pages (Dashboards) only in page module "List". You can add DMS documents list to:

  - Home page

  - Project overview page

  - Plugins overview page (Budget overview, CRM overview, Contacts overview)

  - Custom easy pages (you can create own DMS dashboard and provide the link to this dashboard to other users)


When you open particular dashboard, you need to click to "Customise this page" and add new page module: "List" to a page


In "Entity" filed you can select if you want to diplay here "DMS files" or "DMS revisions"

1 - DMS file revisions - list of all DMS files, including different files versions, added to any DMS folder. If one document have 5 different versions, in DMS revisions list we will see 5 different documents.

2 - DMS files  - list of all final versions of DMS files, added to any DMS folder. One document can appear in this list only once.

Documents, added simply to a project, without binding to folder, will not appear in those lists. It was required by customer, because without folder, customer can't set up the document's visibolity

DMS_files_ and_dms_revisions


In DMS files settings list we can set up basic filters and options. We can also aplly global filters "Date" and "List" to this query


In options we have 6 basic files columns (1) and "Group by" optins (2)



Settings of  DMS files revisions are quite similar, but by customer request it was extended by additional filters by author, size, title, etc. ...


and in columns and "Group by" versions appears custom fileds





Minimal required version:


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