global resource management - Load Groups Opened


Tasks under global resource management (RW) are hidden by default. In case of many employees it takes a lot of clicking and patience to open it all. Even those who have no tasks in current filter, need to be clicked in order to see there are no tasks there.

Other reports (filters) already have option "Load Groups Opened" in case of groupping by one or more columns. This option could be added in global RM also, or at least via some extra option, like Tools / Expand All Tasks. Even if its execution would take few minutes (not to overburden the server), it would save users a lot of manual clicking.

Currently there is only Global RM feature available to see RM for projects and their subprojects in one picture. RM in every project only displays tasks of that project only (not the subprojects), and they are expanded by default. So the suggested extra feature would make this kind of large project overview much more useful. It would also improve the option Tools / Reallocate, since tasks need to be expanded in order for reallocate to do anything with them.

Actually it seems this feature is already available - if you manually expand all tasks in Global RM, and then make some changes, and click Save, all the expanded tasks hide again, and then the program automatically re-expands them (or loads groups opened). 

So the code seems to be there already, it just needs to be connected to a new command (Load Groups Opened) under Tools menu.