Help desk antivirus



Easy Help Desk works on base of e-mails processing from "Support mail box" and creating tickets in Easy Product by predefined rules. When some e-mails have an attachments, they are attached to support tickets as well. But some of that files may have viruses, and when support manager will download infected file it can damage his PC and make the company secure data vulnerable.


In Help Desk we need to detect, if we recieve infected attachmetns and inform Help Desk manager about viruses


To detect viruses in e-mail attachments we use external service "Clamby" (, which can recognise if file is infected or not.

This solution is available in More > Administration > Plugins > Rys plugins



When you click to "Edit" in module settings you can:

1 - turn this feature ON or OFF

2 - turn ON or OFF option "Destroy infected files". When this option is OFF, users will be notified that file, which they are trying to download is infected, but user will be still able to download it. If it is ON, users wouldnt even see such a file in attachemnt, it will be deleted during the ticket processing from e-mail.



When this plugin is active, on Help Desk attachemnts appears new icons, which inform users about the files security status

1- Unscanned attachment (you can see it on all existing tickets, which were created before "Easy Antivirus" was ON )

2 - Scanning in progress

3 - Safe file

4 - Infected file (available only in case, when setting "Destroy infected attachments" is OFF, and when user will try to download infected file, it will show a pop up notification, to keep sure that user understand risk)

5 - Scanning faild (file was not scanned, smth went wrong)

6 - for "1" and "5" options, there is available special button "Scan file", so if user meets file which wasnt checked by antivirus automatically, user can launch such a scanning manually



Minimal required version:

Required plugins: Help Desk