List of users with attendance status

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Hi all!

It seems there is not way of showing non-administrators a list of users with their related attendance status. There is a workaround with using chat (tanks, Marek!), but this is not a good one. BTW: Permissions are allready se to "aee all active users".

So, here my user story:

As a eRM user I would like to see a a list of other active users (if allowed by my permissions) with their attendance status to have an overview of my colleagues' attendance status and a good starting point point to show their user profile (reports, taks, hitory etc.). 

Kind regards,


Hint: Module "Top user utilization (LOWEST xxx)" does exactly what I am asking for. Just remove the "utilization" column and change the ordering aaaaaaand... done ;-)  

Showing attendance in user selection of assignee will be added in version 10. Release is by the end of March.

Thank you for you patience Marcel :)