Logic operators in filter conditions or custom filter formula field

Hello, we really miss advanced filtering possibilities. 

For example: I want to see all tasks created by me and also all tasks assigned to me in one list.

I can choose filter Author <<me>> and Assigned <<me>>. Result? Empty list. I am not an author of a single task assigned to me. The logic operator between the filters Author and Assigned is AND. I need to set the operator to OR to create the desired list. But the interface does not allow this.

Please add this little filter formula tweak tool (with all of the logic operators to choose from). Or add a "show and edit filter formula" button so a user can make more coplex and powerful filtering and analysis.




Filtering with OR operator is available from platform 08.00 - already out!
More info in release notes: https://www.easyredmine.com/documentation-of-easy-redmine/gantt-knowledge?view=knowledge_detail&id=227&category_id=83#maincol