"Mention" Users

We are missing the "mentions"-feature (e.g. @USER), that is common in all modern communication plattforms, in ER. 
This means, a user can mentioned with @USER (autocomplete) another one and this user is linked and also get's a email-notification about it. Would be great everywhere, e.g. comments, Notebook, KnowledgeBase, Task-Description, Wiki.

Hello Marcus,
I am pleased to announce you, that autocomplete for mentions is now in internal testing in our system. Release of this feature is coming soon. Thank you for your interest.

Great news! This feature was developed.
Detailed information about version and release date will be provided on our websites and knowledge base.

For now just a short summary:
> When you mention users in a comment (via "@username"), the user will get an email nofitication. "You have been mentioned in ...". The comment will be in the email body

> The notification will override your profile setting - even if you have completely disabled notifications, you will receive this message - someone really wants you to get the message.

> Regular notifications are without any change. With some settings you may receive two emails - task was updated; you were mentioned

> If you check the option "Don't send notifications", the mention email will still be sent

=> The overall logic is that when you mention a user, you really want them to get the notification.

I am dissapointed:-( I think that mention should obey email settings or at least be an admin option. Additionally if email notification is turned off it should generate rss feed notification. This is how slack and other similar tools work.