Monthly time sheets


Use Case:

There is about 7 different ways how to log a spent time in easy products and one of them is weekly time sheets.

Users who log spent time via timesheets usually don't log it immediately, they do it later, at the end of the day or week. Time sheet interface allow users to log a spent time for whole week quickly, in one table, without opening particular tasks or projects, with detailed overviw about tasks and projects they worked on during this period.

But some largest copanies with strictly defined busines processes require monthly time sheets. Because it's a rule of a company or because the emploees have always worked with monhly time sheet in excel or another SW and want to continue with this approach.


Extend weekly time sheets and provide additional choice to companies so they can use either weekly or monthly time sheets.


New montly time sheets are avalaible for users from a main menu.


To log a spent time user should click to "+" button in a right bottom corner of a time sheet, select a project, task and activity and start entering hours for every day he/she worked on this task or project. First 3 columns on left side are fixed: Project, Task and Activity, same as the Sum column on a right side. So a user always knows on which task to log time and how many hours he/she has already logged on particular task or project this month. 



For companies with a strict time tracking rules there is also simple option, how to track overtimes directly in time sheet.


So when users log time they can select, if it's regular spent time entry or overtime.



After "Extended (monthly) timesheet" pugin installation in "More > administration > Plugins" you can open the plugin seetings and turn the monthly time sheets on.



In settings you can:

1 - Turn this option "on" or "off". This setting is global for all users in the system. When you turn this feature off, the users will use Weekly time sheets again.

2 - If required you can activate the "Overtime feature" as well. It can be activated separately.

3 - To mark the Spent time entry as an "Overtime" you need to select a "Boolean" custom field on spent time entries


If you dont have such a field yet, you can go to "More > Administration > Custom fields" and create it.


After all the settings are completed and when you open the "Time sheet's section" there will be an option how to create the new monthly time sheets.


Minimal version required: