New custom field type - visual indicator



One of our customer's has in a system more then 1000 projects running at a same time. When some problems accure on project, project manager need to inform team, portfolio managers, high mnagers, that this project require special attention.

During  the long time period customer used the custom filed "Project Health"(list type) with 3 possible values:

- Delivery is not possible

- Late delivery

- No problems

This field was always available on a project list and in gantt chart, so team and management supposed to be always informed about the poject health level.

But in practice, when that values are displayed everythere just as a plain black text, people don't really notice it. And  when such a status are displayed as a text, this columns is always too wide and take a lot of place in a table, especially on a Gantt chart. So customer wished to make some kind of visualisation of a project health to project list and to gantt chart by colored flags.


Preapre for a customer project health indicator, which project managers can set up manually, independent on tasks or any another project entities, which will be available on project list and global gantt if required.


To solve this issue, we created a special custom filed type "Flag", avaliable for all easy entities (tasks, projects, spent time, etc...)


In More > Adminstration > Plugins > Rys plugins appears a new plugin "Project flags". Here you can turn this feature ON or OFF.


When this feature is ON, in custom field settings appears a new custom field typ "Flag". It has no any special settings. This field provide customer 3 basic flags colors: red, yellow and green


Since this indicator should be selected manually by project managers, it is avaliable on a "Project information" page as all basic project custom fields


For quick change of health indicator inline editation is available for this field as well. So project managers don't need to open project by project, open project settings there, change the value, scroll dawn and click to save, but it's enough to find required project in a project list, and edit the project health idicator in 2 clicks


When managers want to display all the "Problem" projects, there is a filter available by the indicator colors. But we cannot group project by indicator color.


Since this indicators are prepared as a custom field and available for more entites, client can use such an indicator for more purposes. For example we can track risks on taks as an indicator, budget expenses (by plan, out of plan - expected, out of plan unexpected), test cases - Critical, normal, low priority, etc...


Minimal required version:

Dear Lilia, thank you for your feedback. It is very much appreciated. Let the community vote.

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This would be a great feature. Do we have any visibility to what is on the development roadmap?