New HTML Custom field type

Currently custom field type only support non-html text (text/long text field types)


A new custom field type of HTML would allow more complex text and hyperlinks to be added to projects and tasks. For example you could create a Project Resources custom field that has hyperlinks to a project folder or project related documents on a file system or document management system/sharepoint site etc.


I think it would be a great feature with relatively low cost development effort as HTML text is used for the project and task descriptions and other descriptions.

Dear Paul,

thank you for your suggestion. This is already implemented in the "long text" custom field. When creating or editing such custom field , there is an option for "text formatting" ( it is a checkbox)this unlocks the ckeditor in the field . It cannot be in the normal text field as it is limited to 256 characters.

I hope this helps.

Have a nice day,