Per-task individual email address in helpdesk plugin

It is possible to add mails to tasks automatically by mentioning the task number in the subject field (eg "#34789"). 

For situations where the subject cannot be modified (e.g. filling out a contact form on a third party site), it would be practical to add the task id to the helpdesk mailbox address: So if the helpdesk mailbox address is "", sending mail to "" would automatically attach the mail to task #34789.

Email Adresses with a plus-sign ("+") are valid as per RFC 2822 and this functionality is also used by other services, eg. Pipedrive.


Cheers, Gregor

Dear Gregor, 

Unfortunately it is not possible. I would suggest you to add this feature to feature and plugins group.

With a big response from the community, we would add it into our development plan.

Thank you