Set attributes and activate/deactivate standard fields


I observed that standard / system fields in modules CRM Case, Contacts, Tasks, ... are

1. System fields which I cannot deactivate (even if the field is just a static field)

2. I cannot change attributes like visibility, required field, ...


Some examples:

a) CRM Case: Email, Email cc, Phone; these fields are static but useless for my team. So everytime if my team is creating a CRM Case the screen (phone, ...) is blocked by these unused fields.

b) Contacts: Account manager; this field is a non-required field. For the connection of Contacts, Tasks and CRM Cases it is important that the field is filled out. So it is necessary to make it to a required field


Request: Is it possible to add the option to change attributes and to deactivate them by admins for non-system critical fields?

Dear Oliver,

thank you for your feedback. It is very much appreciated. Let the community vote.

With a big response from the community, we would add it into our development plan.

Thank you