Show Custom fields in their own tab and within groups

Request Description

Custom fields that are in a group to be shown optionally in their own tab at the top of the project form, thus hidden from main view until the tab is clicked.


For each custom field there could be three option

1.     Show in main form area (as is)

2.     Show in a single custom field tab and grouped by group name

3.     Show in a separate tab for each custom field group



Whilst you may want some custom fields in the main tab of the project form, some you want to put in their own tab.


I think this will make the project information form easier, otherwise what is the purpose of grouping custom fields. At the moment custom fields are in red on the right hand side. Custom fields are very important and allow customers to tailor Easy Project to their methodology. Having more control over how these are displayed in their logical group would add great value.


I will give an example, we want to add custom fields that relate to how we size projects. This information will be completed at the initiation phase and then only really referred to via searches or maybe a report. e.g. what % of completed projects were large vs medium etc. I do not want these custom fields to clutter the main project form so having them in a separate tab makes a lot of sense from a clutter-free perspective.


A similar approach can be taken for anyone a custom field is used, eg tasks, contacts etc.

Dear Paul,

thank you for this suggestion. I forwarded it to our developers for consulting and I will inform you about the outcome :)

Kind regards,