Suppress emails when creating/editing meeting


As a meeting user I would like to suppress sending emails while creating/editing repeating meetings because I would like to facilitate the advantages of individual meetings without annoying all users with dozends of emails. Constraints: Big reccurring meetings have sidekicks (room blocking, less ) and are therefore not an accepted alternative. Acceptance cirterias: Sending emails for repeating meetings can be disabled by configuration  AND/OR on a per-meeting base (both or one of these options means "accepted").

Hello, current settings is correct, because for each meeting invitation must be sent. Users must be inform about fact, they are invited to meeting, or they can miss that. Repeating meetings creates new meetings and each meeting sent invitation to users.

There could be feature, which recognize repeating meetings and allows you to select „send invitation for parrent meeting only“, while creating this repeating meetings.

Let‘s the community vote.

I think there might be some section in Administration and/or for each meeting separately, where an author could specify how//if he wants notifications to be sent.