Tree view of Tasks in Kanban Project Backlog


Currently, in the project backlog screen all parent tasks and subtasks are mixed together and it is not easy to differentiate between them. Whilst you can show parent task this is not recursive ie you only see the immediate parent task name.

I would like a tree view feature so that you can see the true hierarchy and move some or all subtasks depending on what node/s are selected. This would make it easier to organise the Kanban board. I have not looked at Agile Sprints but maybe the same logic applies.

Dear Paul,

where exactly would you like to see the hierarchy? In the detail or in the kanban itself?  There is an option in Scrum to set swimlane based on parent. Would that be sufficient? 

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Hi Dominika


I think it would be best in the project backlog screen (See attachment)


Screenshot of project backlog screen

Whilst its possible to achieve what I want using filters and grouping the sprint by Parent Task. I think a tree-view in project backlog would be easier UI to move tasks backlog into project backlog.