Zero or blank option in money rates

Tags: money

This modification would add an option to select, whetner the rate in Money module is Zero or Blank. That would bring more versatility in Money configuration.

  • Blank would mean, that system looks at another rate according to Hierrarchy of rates
  • Zero would mean - 0
    • that would help us to solve a situation, when client wants to bill the subcontractor (user in ER) with a fixed price
    • but they want to know how much time did they spent also
    • spent time is then used in money with 0 rate - 10 hours * 0 €/hour = 0 €

Another option is not to use the word "blank" and use checkbox "next rate" instead, which is more user friendly and intuitive.

would be very useful and probably easy to implement?! thanks for consideration.