DevOps for Easy Redmine - A New Perspective to Software Development for All Redminers

Looking to get the most out of your DevOps environment in a simple and effective way? Then take one more step to try out Easy Redmine 2019 including the new DevOps bundle. The integration of Development and Operations along with top-notch project management brings a new perspective to software development for all Redminers.

If you’re new to DevOps practices or looking to improve your current processes, it could have been a challenge to know which tool to choose for your team. Or maybe not anymore.

Easy Redmine 2019 introduces new DevOps plugins bundle that incorporates improved Requirements and Test Cases, most wanted Jira plugin Diagrams for creating smart diagrams right in Easy Redmine and further Git CI and Git Lab hosting.

So you can get all you need for DevOps along with your favourite Redmine upgrade. And what's even better, feel free to explore these features right here and now, for free.

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