Redmine plugins by Easy now compatible with Redmine 4

As a result of our long-term commitment to the Redmine community, Redmine users may enjoy some remarkable plugins and tools developed by Easy Redmine team for the Redmine community. As of April 2019, Redmine 4 users are included!

Why Easy Redmine supports Redmine community

We are happy & proud to be a part of this great open source community. We believe these plugins (both free and paid) and tools will help Redmine community to grow. Our common goal is to make Redmine the best open source management system.

What Redmine 4 compatibility means for the community

As of April 2019, Redmine plugins and tools developed by Easy are also available for Redmine 4 project management platform. Redmine version 4 released on December 9 brings significant changes to the code. A large portion of updates is related to the performance of the system and its functionality. In total, it brings more than 200 changes.


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