Competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence strategy

Here are some basic steps to implement a competitive intelligence system in your company. The implementation steps are intertwined, but they can be grouped to these areas:

  • Sources - naturally, you will want to turn to experts in the field for more formal or even informal consultations. But of course there are also tons of information on the great web, although needed to be put in proper context
  • Win/loss analysis - a special type of source are customers - the converted or the lost. Many of them will be happy to share their motivations and decision criteria
    In Easy Project's CRM, you can build a comprehensive customer qualitifation system to identify whom to approach
  • Conferences - or conventions, expos, etc. Any kind of professional gathering of your industry representatives is a sure way to gather information
  • Company-wide CI platform - all the gathered data can be only be of use if it is available to the relevant audience - your employees in various departments. Controlled information sharing is a piece of cake for our DMS.

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