Custom production

Custom-made production is specific kind of production, in which the entire production process is completely subordinated to the requirements of the customer. From this reason a large part of detailed planning has to be carried out in the initial phase of preparation. Another important aspect is the comprehensive concept of the product. The final product has to be planned from few different perspectives.

  • The mechanical part: Product design
  • The electrical part: Product design
  • and SW product programming

These three perspectives are taken into account in all stages of production.

Production preparation contains the usual procedure:

  • Insert data to ERP system, connecting suppliers
  • Purchase
  • Preparation of production
  • Preparation of logistics

The final part is specific for custom-made production. Usually final products storing is not needed . On the other hand, it is necessary to schedule the assembly of the final product either in own workroom or/and by the customer.

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