Evolutionary delivery model

For projects that require visible progress, the Evolutionary Delivery Model is a good choice. It is similar to Evolutionary Prototyping and in some ways have the same concepts used in Staged Delivery. In a way, the Evolutionary Delivery Model incorporates the strong points of each model: progressive development derived from the former, and flexibility modeled from the latter.


With the Evolutionary Delivery Model, it is easy to find out the needs of customers because of the series of tests that will be conducted throughout the whole duration of the project. There will be a clear understanding of the things that need to be changed as well as those that need to be retained. You do not need to keep yourself and your team guessing because the feedback you receive on the prototypes will lay out everything you need to know about your target market’s requirements.

Most importantly, the Evolutionary Delivery Model contributes greatly to the success of a product or service because it is created based on what has been tried and tested. With most of the possible problems already addressed, efficiency will be significantly increased.