How to IMPORT a Project Template

Project Templates Import in 3 Easy Steps To Import a dashboard, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Menu More > Admin > Dashboards & Project templates import (see picture 1)

2. Choose a file to import > Save and Preview (see picture 2)

3. See imported file info, tick what the automatic mapping should be done for, and confirm import by clicking on Import button (see picture 3) Or you can go to Menu More > Project Templates > Import Template

Don't worry, no changes in the actual system settings are done by the mapping. It serves for automatic connection between entities in your system and entities in the template. For example, if the mapping is enabled for statuses, the status "New" in the template will be paired with status "New" in your system (if you have any). The same applies to users, task priorities, trackers etc..

If you choose not to map the entity automatically, you would be asked in a next step to map it to some of your existing entities in your application.

Remark: Please note these steps apply for users who are Admins.