Modules layout in template Homepage for project templates

This template is to be used as a tool for creating homepages for project templates. As the template format targets rather general project characteristics it is applicable to the majority of standard projects. In order to reach a perfect match with your projects though you can further adjust the predefined layout according to your needs.

The purpose of this homepage template is to provide a well-structured overview about the project in its 3 life cycle stages:

  1. ILP- Project Initiation
    • ILP is the project charter which is usually created in its very beginnings defining the project's scope, objectives and participants. Sometimes the project realization is not launched before the charter is approved.
    • The template focuses 5 main areas of ILP: Aim of the project, Project team, Main milestones, Outputs, Project Localization
  2. Realization
    • Two crucial groups of tasks are to be monitored here: Critical tasks (high priority tasks) and Overdue tasks.
  3. Evaluation
    • In the final stage the project is to be concluded in a brief summary, some recommendations and suggestions are to be left for future projects and all the related documentation can be gathered here.