Small scale serial production

This project is for small scale serial production. The first specific point of small scale serial production is a great emphasis on the cooperation with the customer. The cooperation with customer begins before the actual start of the production because the customer has to approve the final product in the form of a prototype. Also during the process may experience several audits of production process.

The second specific point for small scale production is, that the final product is usually a highly specialized product. These products are also very different from usual serial production by vary in size, technological processing, et.

From the serial production are taken procedures of cycles of raw materials and final products. Raw material storage spaces have to be prepared (including security measures) and the continuous storage of final products with a subsequent connection to the logistics. For small scale production is not exceptional, that the logistics of the final products is not controlled by the just-in-time deliveries. Transport of final products is based on the invocation of the order by the customer. And this has to be take into account when setting up storage spaces for final products.