How to reschedule all the tasks in a project?

Hello, my question concerns rather the project administration than the ER settings. Can you please advise me on how to quickly reschedule all the tasks or a selection of tasks under a project or a milestone at least? If I change the project end date, nothing actually happens. And moving tasks subsequently in the Gantt chart is not that efficient, besides it's practically usable only by setting the timescale to days which costs more scrolling.

Hello, it is quite easy. On the task list you can select tasks by check checkboxes next to the task. With the right mouse click and select edit, you can edit all selected tasks. Then you can change or move start/due date of tasks.

Hello, there is also possibility to move whole project with all tasks. In the global gantt you can move project bar, which automatically moves all dates in the project. 

To move whole project bar, project cannot be expand.

Thank you! I'm quite sure, I had tried the second possibility (in the global Gantt) and it didn’t work. But we are still testing and slightly changing system environment settings. Could be that behavior affected by a parameter?

Yes, it could be affected either by

- More-Administration-Settings-Projects

If these checkboxes are checked, the dates are calculated from tasks, so it is not possible to move the project.


- or it can be caused by leaving projects start/due dates blank