Import of excel sheet as tasks in an existing project


Dear Community,

I would like to import an Excel sheet using /administration/Easyimport/Standardized imports/Projects and Tasks/Excel.

Unfortunately I see:

Projects and tasks - are always created new

Is there a possibility to import tasks formatted in CSV in an existing project (using custom import)?

Do you have an example?

Thank you in advance for your help!



yes, it is possible. To import tasks to existing project you need to use project ID of your existing project. All tasks will be imported to the project with the same ID.

For example:

"Project ID" "Tracker ID" "Status ID" "Priority ID" "Author ID" "Activity ID" "Parent task" "Assignee" "Target milestone" "Subject" "Start date" "Due date" "Private"
97 1 1 8 5 1   5   "Importer example" "2018-10-04" "2018-10-04" "no"


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Hi, and when I am using the excell example file that is working for the creation of new project but I would like to use it to import tasks in to an existing prokject. How do I do this?


Hello Anton,

Unfrotunately only with CSV you can import tasks into an existing project. Standard import using excel is only for new projects.

Sorry about that

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