Recording time outside the task period

The task period is from 01/04/3030 to 20/04/2020. The user writes off the spent time on 27/04/2020. Date 27/04/2020 is not included in the range of the task period. The system does not give an notification error or prohibition.

Proposal for solution:

It is necessary to provide settings (at the system and project level) that allow:

  1. Permission to write off a spent time on any date
  2. To generate error notification with the possibility to write off a spent time
  3. Prohibition to write off a spent time on a date, which is in outside the task period

Dear Romanenko, 

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately it is not possible to restric it by due dat of the task. If task is not closed user is able to log their time spent on task. If task is closed there is setting to allow or restric this: 

Thank you

Kind Regards