Is there an option to make the first view of the SCRUM Board without swim lanes?

And how does it work when I move a task in the SCRUM Board within it's status - to prevent dropping it in any status column? i.e.: If a task has a status "testing internal" it sould not be able to move it into "roll out production". Also this should not be able within editing a task (the options from the status drop down).

Hello Marc,

please accept my humble apology for late reply.

Agile swimlanes in Scrum and Kanban remembers last settings. So, if you will leave this page with "Priority" swimlane set, same swimlane will be displayed when you open same page again. This default behavior cannot be changed, unfortunately.

Allowed status transitions you can manage in workflow settings in More>Administration>Workflow in Task status transitions tab. There you can set which status will be available to change. - easyredmine application guide - easyproject application guide   


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