Working time calendars and spent time

The system keeps Working time calendars. A Working time calendar is assigned to the user based on which his availability is calculated. At the same time, the spent time is not connect with
the calendar, which does not allow to establish a limit for recording the labour costs of an individual user.
The only way to control the spent time is to set a Daily entry limit (total) in the settings for all users,
or for a  user`s role:

but this tool (Daily entry limit (total)  does not provide flexibility for individual employee calendars (shift, not full-time, overtime work on the day off)


Add to the settings the option to enable checking the daily limit of actual hours based on the  working time calendar assigned to the user:

Dear Romanenko, 

With regret I have to say that our software doesn't contain such feature. Daily entry limit (total) is the only place where you can restrict daily spent time entry. 

If you apply calendar to your user there is option in every user's setting to adjust the calendar depending on full-time, exeptions etc..: This unfortunately won't restrict logged spent time.

You can post this idea into features&plugins here in easy comunity, get ratings from other users, and with a big response from the community, we would add it into our development plan.

Thank you