Started Employee leaving - project template

An employee leaves your company, and you do not know what you need to do as an employer? When an employee leaves your business, it is useful to have a process to follow. Upon termination of employment, mutual obligations between the employee and the employer are settled. This is often done on the basis of the so-called "exit sheet".

Started Basic project template

Project Page is divided into two tabs. "General info" gathers all basic information, list of tasks, project history, description and noticeboard for custom notes. Second tab "Reports" consists of the financial overview, Earned Value Management graph and graphical overview of all tasks in the current project.

Started Basic personal dashboard

User Page gathers all important user-related information. The main space contains tasks assigned to the current user, followed by tasks after Due Date and a list of user's projects. There is also Spent Time and Attendance report, which allows direct time logging, and finally, there is personal noticeboard.