Date and time: Wednesday 24.7. at 4pm (Prague time)

Resource management made easy and visual with Easy Redmine. Resource management is a tool for professional planning and assignment of work in Easy Redmine and Redmine. Managers plan work on projects with regard to real-time capacities of workers and estimated time for task realization. Resource management allows managers to balance the workload of the people while keeping schedules of the projects. You can easily look at how are your people utilized in the future - whether and when they are overloaded or when they are available for unassigned tasks. 

Join our webinar to learn how to make the most out of the Easy Redmine Resource Management to plan capacities, estimate time and cost, and make resource management transparent and visual.

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As a result of our long-term commitment to the Redmine community, Redmine users may enjoy some remarkable plugins and tools developed by Easy Redmine team for the Redmine community. As of April 2019, Redmine 4 users are included!

Why Easy Redmine supports Redmine community

We are happy & proud to be a part of this great open source community. We believe these plugins (both free and paid) and tools will help Redmine community to grow. Our common goal is to make Redmine the best open source management system.

What Redmine 4 compatibility means for the community

As of April 2019, Redmine plugins and tools developed by Easy are also available for Redmine 4 project management platform. Redmine version 4 released on December 9 brings significant changes to the code. A large portion of updates is related to the performance of the system and its functionality. In total, it brings more than 200 changes.


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For all those customers who still use Ruby 2.3 series in their Easy Redmine, we announce that all support of this Ruby version has ended as of end of March.

After the release of Ruby 2.3.7 on March 28, 2018, the support of the Ruby 2.3 series was in the security maintenance phase. Now, after one year has passed, this phase has ended. Therefore, on March 31, 2019, all support of the Ruby 2.3 series ends. Security and bug fixes from more recent Ruby versions will no longer be backported to 2.3. There won’t be any patches of 2.3 either. We highly recommend that you upgrade to Ruby 2.6 or 2.5 as soon as possible.

We have prepared guidelines for Ruby update here.

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Please note that with the June update of Easy Project 2019, browser Internet Explorer will no longer be supported.

This decision comes due to its incompatibility with latest technologies required by Easy project's advanced functionality such as Gantt, Resource Management or WBS and others. For the best user experience, we recommend switching to Edge or other maintained browsers.

Do you need more time to prepare for this change?

Cloud users

Just write us that you would like to postpone the Easy Project June update.

Server users

Postpone installation of the update on production. You should try it on your test environment. You may find that all your regularly used features still work well on IE and it is safe to install on production.

The ultimate solution remains to switch to new browsers, though.

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Any kind of trade usually has its trade association, an umbrella organization officially representing the business sector and providing related training or networking. Project management is not different.

A History of PMI and Its Role in Project Management

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a nonprofit organization for people working in project management throughout the world. If you have even a marginal interest in project management, then you’ve heard of PMI. After all, it has millions of members across the globe.

As an organization, The Project Management Institute offers training and certification in the project management field, and it reports on industry trends regularly. The PMI also sets the standard for ethics in the field. Given its immense influence, it’s important to have basic information about PMI and its history.

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