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Hello Marc,

please accept my humble apology for late reply.

Agile swimlanes in Scrum and Kanban remembers last settings. So, if you will leave this page with "Priority" swimlane set, same swimlane will be displayed when you open same page again. This default behavior cannot be changed, unfortunately.

Allowed status transitions you can manage in workflow settings in More>Administration>Workflow in Task status transitions tab. There you can set which status will be available to change. - easyredmine application guide - easyproject application guide   


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Hello Lucky, 

unfortunately, easyredmine doesnt have any of blacklist for your help desk mailbox. Anyway, helpdesk projects takes email from selected email folder. So you can set filter in your email client to redirect email from selected domain to different folder, or add it to spam filter. (In settings of your email client).

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Hello Lukasz,

yes, it is really possible. Please go to More>Administration>Filter settings. In project tab you can manage default filters, columns and sorting options for project list. When you will set any sorting (e.g. Name: Ascending), it will breaks grouping of your projects by hierarchy.

Also you can add project list module to your homepage, where you can see all projects expanded as well. 

Hello Enrique,

in easy gantt you can filter by project members. If you will select filter "Project member is <<me>>" you will see only projects where you are member. Also you can use <<My subordinates>> to show projects and tasks of your subordinates.


Tasks visibility you can manage in role settings (More>Administration>Roles and permissions) while editing role.


'My subordinates' filter option requires subordinates in your organisational chart.