Started Sales Activities Groups

Use case: I am for example a team leader and I want to filter all Sales Activities of my team during some period of time. Currently, we have to add all team members one by one as Attendees or Authors. Now he would be able to add the whole chosen group of users to that filter.

This modification would add automatic searching in closed tasks by default, thus eliminating the need for going to search settings and unclick the button "Open tasks only". This setting would be configurable via More > Administration > Settings > Tasks, adding new checkbox "Enable search in a closed tasks as default".

A client might have a lot of partners but there is no option how to filter invoices by partners. The solution is to add 2 new fields to Invoice - Partner and Partner's assignee. That fields are to be dispayed in Invoice query only (filterable, groupable, with option to add it to the list). With every new "Indirect business contact" added to a CRM case (if the contact type is "partner"), add the Contact name and Assignee to the Invoice. If the partner will be deleted from the CRM case, it must be deleted from invoice as well.

This modification would allow:
● creating four-digit auto-increment custom field on Contact in string format: ‘0001’
● creating four-digit auto-increment custom field on Project in string format: ‘1000’
● creating a calculated field on a project linking these two numbers in the "0001-1001" format, i.e. another project of the same client would be "0001-1001", another project of another client then "0002-1002"

Moreover, this new number could be filtered on all cash reports. So far, you can see custom fields only in Cash flow and Portfolio Overview. Newly, it could also be filtered in Planned purchases, Purchases, Planned incomes, and Real incomes.

Started Redmine plugin generator

This modification would add Redmine Plugin Generator into Easy Project environment since our project magamenent software runs on Redmine core. The feature is described in the plugin documentation.