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really looking forward to it

I have a hunch this must be coming soon

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Hello Pierre,

I'm affraid it is not possible to import an .mpp file. However, this doesn't mean you can't import your projects. You just need to save it as XML and import that way.

Sorry about the 404, we will repair it right away.

You can get to the import dialogue via More >> Administration >> Standardized imports. Select MS Project, upload the XML file and the rest will be in form of a wizard, where you can make mappings and configurations.

Let us know how it went and whether we can assist further.

Have a good day.

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Started SLA reporting

Monitoring of SLA satisfaction of failure + first response monitoring.

Tickets have a new entity called SLA events.

SLA event on task

SLA event is created automatically on help desk tickets (which contain SLA) when a message is sent to the customer.

Attributes of SLA events include: SLA response fultilment - was the first response according SLA; SLA resolve fulfilment - was the resolution according to SLA; First response time - how long it took from the ticket creation to the first response (only monitored on the first SLA event in the task).

SLA events have their own query which includes task filters. This enables to monitor various statistics or reports, such as report of breached SLAs, average first response time, average number of replies per ticket until resolution, SLA reports per project, product, team, country, and loads more.

SLA event statistics