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Hi Sandip, unfortunately not yet as new SLA features have not been released yet either. David

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YES for better SLA reporting 

Started Sales Director

Homepage dedicated to Sales Director. It has the following structure.

- My tasks (list)
- Tasks for my approval/review (list)
- Tasks closed by my last 7 days (list)
- Tasks created by me (list)
- Overall performance (gauge)
- Spent time calendar
- My attendance calendar

Sales performance:
- Overall performance (bar chart)
- Won cases this year (pie chart)
- Performance by sales representative (bar chart)
- Forecast by sales representative (line chart)
- Overall forecast (pie chart)

Sales supervision:
- New leads to assign (list)
- Forecast - contract date in past (list)
- Accounts with no next action (list)

- User's work calendar with important events (holidays, attendance, meetings etc.)