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rss feed - in toolbar cancel single notification Features & Plugins Paweł Orzechowski 23.03.2019 14:20
tasks - pin note to the top/under descrption Features & Plugins Paweł Orzechowski 21.03.2019 06:20
global resource management - Load Groups Opened Features & Plugins Bostjan Cerk 14.03.2019 10:04
calendar - add search box for event search Features & Plugins Paweł Orzechowski 14.03.2019 08:34
encourage Easyredmine users to participate in this forum Features & Plugins Bostjan Cerk 11.03.2019 13:04
adding notes by email to more than one task Features & Plugins Paweł Orzechowski 09.03.2019 08:01